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aurora-vs-go-pro-hero-5-the-nitty-gritty-feat-orig_origSince the GoPro hit the market back in 2005, outdoor enthusiasts have been clamoring for the latest and greatest version that would encompass all the features for true versatility in every environment. Although GoPro set the stage, SiOnyx drastically upped the ante when they created the Aurora. This is world’s first action camera to offer waterproof, high-definition color with true night vision imaging. The SiOnyx Aurora allows users to view, record, and review extreme action and life’s adventures at any hour. ​

Like the Go Pro, the Aurora supports navigation and geolocation, has built-in WiFi and GPS, and uses a micro SD card. And both cameras are robustly built to stand up to extreme weather conditions and rugged play. Also, the Go Pro and Aurora can both be controlled remotely, are smartphone app compatible, and mountable.

However, while each of these action cameras can capture video and photos during the day, only the Aurora by SiOnyx stacks up in low light settings. During the twilight hours, the Aurora enables color night vision to offer excellent low light performance. Furthermore, the Aurora combats the dark evening hours by enabling high resolution, full monochrome grey scale and color night vision. In addition, the Aurora also features an ultra-bright OLED display as well as a built-in compass.

Your activities should not have to end when the sun goes down. The Aurora is a 24/7 camera that is a true partner no matter the light level of your action shot. Offering a far more seamless experience than that of the GoPro, cell phone and other action cameras, the Aurora by SiOnyx is the perfect companion for both adrenaline junkies and those afflicted by the outdoor bug alike.

​To learn more about the Aurora and to see how this camera is unlike another, visit sionyx.com today.

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