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Sionyx App

With the new SIONYX App you can stream and record live video with your mobile device and adjust your camera settings. Easily update your camera’s firmware through the app.

APP Features

  • NEW: Now compatible with OPSIN
  • NEW: Onboard video and photo recording
  • NEW: Gallery Mode
  • Stream video up to 30fps via WiFi
  • Camera command and control
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Pair multiple SIONYX devices to the app
  • Pair multiple mobile devices to one Nightwave camera
  • Connect Nightwave to an MFD and mobile device simultaneously
  • Available on the App Store and Google Play

Supports OPSIN and Nightwave

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The SIONYX Aurora App allows your mobile device to remotely control your Aurora and capture and share content. Use the app to view what your camera is seeing, change the image and camera settings, and transfer pictures and videos to your mobile device for easy sharing.


  • Camera command and control
  • Live video streaming
  • Onboard recording
  • Gallery mode
  • File sharing
  • Over the air firmware updates

Supports the Aurora line of cameras