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We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

Boat with confidence while navigating at night and low-light conditions.

Enhance your night time hunting abilities with color night vision.

Record and share your love for adventure in any lighting condition.

Night time surveillance for private investigators and executive protection.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors tailored for any custom application.

Color night vision for high-resolution surveillance & evidence gathering.

Enhanced night-time performance to support search & rescue missions.

Mil-Spec low-light applications for military and government agencies.

Helmet-mounted digital night vision monocular for the tactical professional.

The ultra low-light marine camera that will change boating as we know it.

The go-to night vision device for law enforcement and public safety.

Night vision camera accessories for the Sionyx range.

Expertly refurbished SIONYX cameras.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors and camera modules tailored for any custom application


Learn about the mobile apps
that will enhance
SIONYX products

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sionyx app

With the SIONYX Nightwave App you can stream live video directly to your mobile device and adjust your camera settings. Easily update your camera’s firmware through the app – no need to disconnect from your boat. Future updates will bring additional features.

APP Features

  • NEW: Now available on the App Store and Google Play
  • NEW:Stream video up to 30fps from Nightwave via WiFi
  • NEW: Connect multiple mobile devices to one Nightwave camera
  • NEW: Option to connect Nightwave to an MFD and mobile device simultaneously
  • Camera command and control
  • Over the air firmware updates
    • Features coming next:
    • Onboard recording
    • Gallery mode

Supports the Nightwave camera
OPSIN support coming soon
Sionyx aurora app logo
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sionyx aurora app

The SIONYX Aurora App allows your mobile device to remotely control your Aurora and capture and share content. Use the app to view what your camera is seeing, change the image and camera settings, and transfer pictures and videos to your mobile device for easy sharing.

App features

  • Camera command and control
  • Live video streaming
  • Onboard recording
  • Gallery mode
  • File sharing
  • Over the air firmware updates

Supports the Aurora line of cameras