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Boat with confidence while navigating at night and low-light conditions.

Enhance your night time hunting abilities with color night vision.

Record and share your love for adventure in any lighting condition.

Night time surveillance for private investigators and executive protection.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors tailored for any custom application.

Color night vision for high-resolution surveillance & evidence gathering.

Enhanced night-time performance to support search & rescue missions.

Mil-Spec low-light applications for military and government agencies.

Helmet-mounted digital night vision monocular for the tactical professional.

The ultra low-light marine camera that will change boating as we know it.

The go-to night vision device for law enforcement and public safety.

Night vision camera accessories for the Sionyx range.

Expertly refurbished SIONYX cameras.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors and camera modules tailored for any custom application

Aurora Black Uncharted Kit

Explorer Kit + Ram Mount


$999.00 Limited Stock Available FREE SHIPPING

Explore the dark hands-free in full-color night vision with the Sionyx Aurora Black Uncharted Kit. Kit includes Aurora Black infrared digital night vision monocular, the 940nm IR Illuminator and rail mount – plus the RAM Camera Mount System. The SIONYX IR torch is tuned specifically for the Aurora sensor for the perfect balance of color and brightness to identify targets out to 150 meters and to recognize targets well beyond. Mount your Aurora Black with the flexible RAM Mounts system for hands-free nighttime visibility. 

SIONYX’s Aurora Black and RAM Mounts are reliable, durable, and perform in the most demanding environments. Whether your adventure is on land or water, you can see, record, stream, and capture everything in full color with rugged and reliable SIONYX and RAM Mounts products.

  • Aurora Black Explorer Kit:
    • Aurora Black color digital night vision camera
    • Hardshell waterproof case
    • 940nm IR Illuminator & rail mount
    • 2 camera batteries & external battery charger for Aurora
    • Rechargeable batteries & external battery charger for Illuminator
    • 32 GB microSD card
    • USB charge/data cable

  • RAM® Mounts Camera Mount System
    • RAM® Tough-Ball™ with 1/4”-20 x .25” threaded stud
    • 3” double socket arm
    • Strap hose clamp ball base
    • RAM® Tough-Claw™ medium clamp base with ball

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