We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

Boat with confidence while navigating at night and low-light conditions.

Enhance your night time hunting abilities with color night vision.

Record and share your love for adventure in any lighting condition.

Night time surveillance for private investigators and executive protection.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors tailored for any custom application.

Color night vision for high-resolution surveillance & evidence gathering.

Enhanced night-time performance to support search & rescue missions.

Mil-Spec low-light applications for military and government agencies.

Helmet-mounted digital night vision monocular for the tactical professional.

The ultra low-light marine camera that will change boating as we know it.

The go-to night vision device for law enforcement and public safety.

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Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors and camera modules tailored for any custom application

Night is the new frontier.

Inspired by U.S. DoD next-gen digital tools, OPSIN’s Black Silicon sensor delivers unmatched low-light visual capability. Combined with digital display, recording, and navigation features, operations are more precise, efficient, and informative. Heightened visual detail and data collection inform tactical decisions and refine intelligence – advanced capabilities you won’t find with traditional night vision.

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See Your Surroundings

Digital Color Night Vision

Bring a rich layer of natural detail to your night vision experience, informing tactical decisions and refining intelligence. OPSIN offers improved product life span – no concern of pixels or tubes burning out.

Immersive Display

Edge-to-edge, HD micro-OLED display keeps you grounded. Expansive 44° FOV and minimal data overlay provide heightened situational awareness.

XQE-1350: U.S. DOD-approved CMOS Sensor

Observe targets of interest in moonless-starlight down to <1 mlx to detect a man-sized object at 150 meters. View and capture vivid color images and video to the onboard SD card. Pair with an IR laser or torch and spot analog illuminators, remaining unseen.

Ready For Combat

Geo-Location Insights

Track your position with the onboard digital magnetic compass & GPS. View your coordinates and pointing angle on the display to facilitate navigation with less tools in hand. Geo-tag all recorded data for precise documentation.

Rugged & Capable

Made of glass reinforced polycarbonate, exceeds MIL 810G standard drop test. IP67-rated to tolerate liquid submersion, vibration, shock, dust, and more.

Powerful & Lightweight

OPSIN weighs in at only 10.6 ounces. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery creates balanced helmet weight distribution for low fatigue during long deployment.

Seeing in the Dark is Just the Beginning

What’s In The Box


OPSIN leverages SIONYX’s proprietary Black Silicon XQE-1350 sensor, delivering unmatched low light capability. The extra-large 1920x1080 HD micro-OLED display and true edge-to-edge 44° field of view offer a fully immersive experience. Focus the objective lens, adjust the eye-diopter, and experience 25mm of eye relief for a customized, comfortable setup.

Swing Arm

Designed to span from a standard dovetail flip-up helmet mount to the operator’s eye, the swing arm is adjustable and reversable to accommodate any operator. The quick release button simplifies mounting and dismounting onto the mini rail, or the screw can be set for permanent installation.

Battery Pack

The lithium-ion battery will run up to sixteen hours on a full charge and comes with a wall charger and various international adapters.

Power Cable

The power cable extends from the camera to the battery pack, with a connector cover to provide a water-resistant seal. The cable securely locks in place with a Fischer connector.


OPSIN arrives packed in a custom MOLLE carry bag with multiple compartments and flexible attachment options. It’s rainproof and designed to drain, with a rugged zipper and integrated battery pouch.

What Night Vision Lets You See

Using current color night vision technology is an eye-opening experience that must be seen to be believed; a whole new world awaits your exploration after the sun has set. Game watching, boating, urban and rural observation, hiking and other outdoor activities can be an exciting experience after dark – especially with the right technology.

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Why Digital Wins

OPSIN’s technology delivers unmatched color low-light capability plus digital display, recording, and navigation features that make operations more precise, efficient, and informative. Heightened visual detail and data collection inform tactical decisions and refine intelligence – advanced capabilities you won’t find with other night vision.

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OPSIN in Action


With what helmet flip mount systems is OPSIN compatible?

The OPSIN swing arm will mount with any standard dovetail receiver.

Can OPSIN be used in harsh environments and inclement weather?

Yes, OPSIN is IP67 and 2m drop proof (MIL810G).

Will OPSIN work during the day?

OPSIN is optimized for night operations and can also be used during the day.

What is the refresh rate for OPSIN?

OPSIN provides used selectable refresh rates (30hz/60hz/90hz) to meet any mission needs.

Does OPSIN have GPS and a compass?

Yes, OPSIN features a built-in GPS and digital magnetic compass to provide location, direction, and to geo-tag recorded media.

Can OPSIN record images and video?

Yes, OPSIN records audio, video, and still images to the onboard SD card.

What capacity SD card can be used with OPSIN?

OPSIN can support up to a 256GB SD card. We recommend V30 speed class or above for best performance.

Can I playback the videos or view saved images on OPSIN?

No, saved files must be viewed on a computer or other SD card reading device.

What level of magnification does OPSIN provide?

OPSIN features 1x magnification.

Can I use a different battery pack or primary batteries with OPSIN?

No, The SIONYX battery pack provided is designed for OPSIN to provide maximum performance.

Can I run two OPSIN monoculars off of one battery pack?

No, the provided battery pack and cable can only be used with a one OPSIN at a time.

How many hours of battery life can I expect?

On a full charge, OPSIN can operate for more than sixteen consecutive hours. We recommend fully charging the battery overnight.

How do I charge the OPSIN battery?

Charge the battery with the provided wall charger. Various international plug adapters are provided (US, EU, AU, UK, CN).

What inspired the name OPSIN?

Rhodopsin is a protein made light-sensitive via the chromophore retinal found in photoreceptor cells of the retina. ‘Ops’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘eye’ or ‘sight.’ Rhodopsin helps humans adapt to the dark and see at night.

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