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Night vision camera accessories for the Sionyx range.

Product information specs for the night vision camera models we no longer make.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors and camera modules tailored for any custom application

MFD Compatibility

SIONYX Nightwave is compatible with major brand MFDs.

In most cases, your MFD must have an analog video input to receive and display the video feed from Nightwave. Additionally, HDMI inputs can be used in conjunction with an RCA to HDMI converter.

Is your MFD not listed? Please send us the model number at and we’ll confirm compatibility for you.

GPSMAP 8400/8600 series (including xsv series)
  • Compatible via BNC composite port (labeled CVBS IN)
All NSS models, B&G Zeus (not Glass Helm (GH) see next line)
  • Compatible via 8-pin video port and adapter cable.
  • Manufacturing part number: 000-00129-001. “Simrad NSE/NSS Video/Data Cable”
Axiom XL
  • Compatible via adapter cable.
  • Manufacturing part number for cable: A80235
APEX 13 Mega SI+ Fishfinder/Chartplotter
  • No analog video input.
  • Compatibility possible via HDMI converter.
Furuno TZ Touch 2, 15"
  • Compatible via analog video inputs.
HDS 9, 12, 16
  • Compatible via adapter cable.

HDS Video Adapter Cable SKU: 000-11010-001
GPSMAP 7x3, 9x3, 12x3
  • Compatible via BNC composite port (labeled CVBS IN)

GPSMAP 10x2, 12x2, 7416, 7616, 8212, 8215
  • Compatible via BNC composite port (labeled CVBS IN)
NSO, B&G Zeus Glass helm (GH) systems (all models. Both black box and MFDs
  • Two analog in, via BNC connectors on the unit
Axiom 12
  • Not compatible, no analog video input.
GPSMAP 8700 (black box)
  • 1 BNC composite
MO/ GH monitors (these are the monitors that ship with the NSO / Zeus GH black box processors (or used for 3rd party video
  • Two analog in via BNC connector
Displayed outside of MFD software i.e by changing input source
Axiom Pro
  • Compatible via PWR/Video/NMEA 0183 port and Raymarine cable, part # R62379
GPSMap 8700 (black box)
  • Compatible via BNC composite port (labeled CVBS IN)
  • None
ECHOMAP™ Ultra 102sv, 106sv, 126sv
  • Not compatible, no analog video input.
*MFDs on the Garmin Marine Network are capable of sharing video inputs from one networked MFD to another*