We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

We've helped XXX with YYY for ZZZ.

Boat with confidence while navigating at night and low-light conditions.

Enhance your night time hunting abilities with color night vision.

Record and share your love for adventure in any lighting condition.

Add night vision to your picatinny rail or dovetail mount for your helmet.

Night time surveillance for private investigators and executive protection.

Ultra-low-light CMOS sensors tailored for any custom application.

Color night vision for high-resolution surveillance & evidence gathering.

Enhanced night-time performance to support search & rescue missions.

Mil-Spec low-light applications for military and government agencies.

Unsure which camera is right for you? Get help choosing.


Developed for coastal environments, enhance your nighttime awareness.

Designed to be stealthy in the night and weapons rated for rifles.

Similar to Aurora Black, weapons rated with additional software.

Digital night vision with premium optics and advanced sensor technology.

Bundled with the perfect accessories for the hunting enthusiast.


Below are some of the most popular accessories that our community has asked for.
**Please note: SIONYX does not manufacture, sell or warranty any accessories other than the Picatinny Rail Mount which we designed specifically for the original Aurora, Aurora Black and the Aurora Pro. Please use non-SIONYX accessories responsibly. If you have further questions about those accessories, please reach out to the manufacturers directly or connect with the SIONYX Owners Group community on Facebook.

Helmet mounted accessories

Our friends at Lions Gear Solutions have been making accessories for the SIONYX Aurora Family of night vision cameras since we launched. These products are used by thousands of consumers including both Law Enforcement and Military applications.

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Rifle mounted accessories


This is the Aurora Picatinny rail mount accessory. Crafted of machined aluminium, this custom Picatinny rail mount is built exclusively for the SIONYX Aurora, Aurora Black and Aurora Pro. The mount is weapons-rated for rifle mounted applications up to a .223 / 5.56 caliber up to 4,000 rounds.

Sold by Sionyx

Boat & Overlanding Mounts

Ball Adapter 1/4"20

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Sold by Ram Mount

X-Grip Universal Holder for 7"-8" Tablets

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Sold by Ram Mount

Tough Claw "C"

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Sold by Ram Mount

Tough Claw "B"

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Sold by Ram Mount

Double Socket Arm "C Medium

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Sold by Ram Mount

Double Socket Arm "C" Short

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Sold by Ram Mount

Ram Mounts is one of the most well known mounting accessory company around and we’re proud to partner with them to help mount the SIONYX Aurora and other accessories.

The above accesories are the exact accessories we used for our Miami Boating Video with Center Consoles Only. Photos of the camera mount and tablet mount are below.

Ram Mounts has an accessory for every device imaginable and we encourage you to go to and build the perfect setup for your vessell or vehicle for a custom instalation.

Note: We like using the “C” size mounts for extra rigidity and security, so when choosing different accessories look for “C” size.

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