How do I view video from Nightwave?
Nightwave connects to your boat’s electronic hardware via 12V DC output.
How do I connect to my vessel electronics?
Nightwave provides an analog (NTSC) output that can be used to connect directly to a vessel electronics that support analog video IN.
What are the power requirements for Nightwave?
Nightwave can be powered directly from a 12Vdc when using the analog video out. When using the digital video output (USB) Nightwave will be powered directly from the USB connection.
What are the viewing capabilities of Nightwave?
Nightwave features a 44-degree horizontal field of view and images in <1 Millilux moonless starlight, allowing you to view a man-sized object at 150 meters in extreme low-light conditions.
Does Nightwave include permanent mounting hardware?
Yes. Nightwave includes a mounting template (attached inside the product packaging) and the necessary hardware.
Can you mount Nightwave temporarily?
Yes. The ¼”– 20 mount interface is compatible with standard mounts.
Can Nightwave be mounted upside down (ball-down)?
Yes, Nightwave can be mounted upside down, the firmware can be configured to output a flipped image.
How does Nightwave hold up to water?
Nightwave is IP67 rated, meaning it is water resistant and dust-resistant. It’s submersible up to one meter for 30 minutes (though not intended for under-water use).
How do I keep my Nightwave software current?
Future firmware and software released will be managed through the SIONYX mobile APP when available. Stay up to date with the latest software downloads from the iOS or Android app store.