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∴ Troubleshooting

If an error occurs when using the camera, a message will display in the Viewfinder. A corresponding red led will also flash on the side of the camera.

Error Issue How to Fix
Camera Overheating The camera will shut down if it reaches 104°F/40°C. Camera will work when temperature reaches operating range.
Low Battery The battery is not sufficiently charged. Charge the battery.
No SD Card Inserted SD card is not inserted Remove message by pressing the SET button. Install an SD Card.
Unformatted SD Card SD Card is unformatted. Format SD Card.
SD Card Error When SD card is not recognized. If SD Card is above 32 GB card will not work. Install 32 GB SD card.
SD Card is full When there is no space left on SD Card. Replace with new SD Card or delete images from current SD Card.
Please set date and time Out-of-box or after firmware update. Remove message by pressing the SET button. Set date and time.
WIFI connection lost When the WiFi connection is lost. Shows message until WiFi is reestablished or Mode on Settings Dial is changed.
WIFI connection not found When the WiFi connection is not found. Shows message until WiFi is established or Mode on Settings Dial is changed.
Swing range error Panorama mode is on and swing direction is wrong or movement is too fast.

Message will disappear automatically. Repeat Panorama process.

No Satellites GPS can’t find a satellite signal for 5 mins after being set to On. Camera needs to be outdoors with a clear view of the sky.
No Photo In Playback mode when there is no image to display. In Playback mode there are no photos to display on SD Card.
Turn Settings Dial to another Mode.
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