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The Aurora Night Vision Camera By SiOnyx Lets You See Bright & Vivid Color Even When It’s Dark

The Aurora Night Vision Camera by SiOnyx lets you see bright & vivid color even when it’s dark

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The Aurora Night Vision Camera was initially placed on Kickstarter with a goal of $50,000. A goal was funded within just four hours, giving the creators the funds they needed to bring the camera to market. By the time the project funding had closed, it ended up with over $300,000 of support.

As you would expect, the reason for the cameras success is due to the features offered. Aurora packs what it is calling ‘True Color Night Vision’, a feature that allows users to see at night like they can see in the day. Too crazy to believe? Take a look at their recent video comparing that goes head-to-head with a GoPro Hero5.

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