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This article was originally published on SmarterTravel.com

No matter how far technology advances, we’re always looking for a way to make traveling easier, more fun, or more comfortable. Every year, a whole wave of travel gadgets hits the market promising to do just that, and 2018 was no exception.

For the purposes of this award, we sought out gadgets that aim to solve a travel problem and came up with a long list of products that vary in price, size, and use case. We evaluated each one based on usefulness, value, durability, and whether or not it solves the problem it claims to solve. The following products earned top marks across all categories.

Finalist: SiOnyx Aurora

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​The SiOnyx Aurora is a night-vision camera that shoots in color and produces photos and videos that are surprisingly high-quality considering its small and portable size. Not just a gimmick, this camera is also a great action camera that’s water-resistant and sturdy. It’s the perfect companion to capture moments on a camping trip or any other occasion where low light might be an issue.

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