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This article originally appeared in Dockwalk.

Since being announced last July, the SiOnyx Aurora has been making a difference in the yachting world. Steve Saylor, CEO of SiOnyx, says the Aurora is the next step in night-vision technology. This high-definition, color action camera is the world’s first water-resistant day-and-night camera. The color night vision can be controlled by your mobile device so that you can remotely capture and share what you’re seeing.

“For crew, the Aurora can aid in spotting navigation markers, scouting out anchorages, floating debris, and monitoring night-time activity on the water. The Aurora can be an invaluable tool during search and rescue situations,” Saylor says. “Aurora provides skipper and crew vision assistance when you need it most, navigating in close quarters where hazards abound.”

The Aurora helped one consumer document and thwart the operations of an on-the-water night-time poacher.

“We’ve always believed that our technology will help improve public safety when in the hands of ‘average’ consumers and we’re pleased to see that we are making a difference,” says Saylor, who says its price and performance have received high marks from those in the boating community.

​The Aurora is also seeing growing interest from marine law enforcement, harbormasters, and search and rescue, which Saylor says was quite unanticipated. Most recently, SiOnyx received a $20 million award for the U.S. Army Digital Night Vision Project. $799. www.sionyx.com — LAURA DUNN

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