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The SiOnyx Aurora: Delivering Affordable Night Vision Capabilities To Law Enforcement

The SiOnyx Aurora: Delivering Affordable Night Vision Capabilities to Law Enforcement

The SiOnyx Aurora is the World’s First Water-Resistant Day/Night Camera 
The SiOnyx Aurora is the only hi-definition, color action-camera with true day and night imaging. The small pixels utilized in day-only use cameras deliver higher resolution while remaining relatively compact. But true night vision resolution requires larger pixels. Previously, that necessitated a much larger sensor and lens, with a price tag more than 10 times that of Aurora’s. Aurora’s affordability can be attributed to SiOnyx’s patented Ultra Low Light IR sensor technology that not only captures images under low light conditions, but delivers true night vision capability in either monochrome or color.

Capabilities That Once Cost Thousands at a Fraction of the Cost 
Compared to the specialized night vision/thermal equipment typically targeted for law enforcement use, the SiOnyx Aurora costs thousands of dollars less. Simply put, there are no other comparable products on the market that offer the same capabilities for under $800. The Aurora enhances the police force’s ability to do their jobs, allowing them to see farther in the dark, pick up on subtle nuances during an arrest, or document crimes in progress, pursuits, or arrests as a video or photo. Increased situational awareness allows quicker reaction time and gives public safety officials the ability to avoid mistakes that could end up getting someone hurt. And the advanced color night vision capabilities and hi-resolution afforded by Aurora night vision allow for better identification: Does the suspect have a real or toy gun? Is it a child or an adult? Is that blood on the ground or water?

Testimonials from Law Enforcement are Already Coming In 
David Suckling, Police Chief of the Danbury Police Department in New Hampshire, has found the SiOnyx Aurora to be a “game-changer,” with a design that’s compact, capable, and durable. Chief Suckling disclosed that the product’s value far exceeds its claims, remarking that SiOnyx offers great documentation to help implement the product, gives great instruction on the product in person, and delivers a high level of tech support. Most of all, he finds the product cost effective, saying, “Smaller budget departments can now have the same equipment as the larger agencies,” adding, “I never thought that we would have great quality night vision capabilities with our small department. I can see clearly now the night is here.”

​The SiOnyx Aurora day/night camera revolutionized night-vision imaging for adventure seekers of all types. Now it’s helping to transform law enforcement as well. Find out more at https://www.sionyx.com/store/p10/aurora.html.

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