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SiOnyx Brings Ghostly Images to Life for Paranormal Investigators

sionyx-brings-ghostly-images-to-life-for-paranormal-investigators-orig_orig​Everyone knows the best ghost hunting happens in the dark, but IR and UV lighting required in previous technology overflooded areas with light, illuminating dust, moisture, insects, and other objects or particles that could be confused as apparitions. Until now, capturing spine-tingling photos or videos in total darkness was impossible. However, the night vision capabilities of the Aurora night vision camera from SiOnyx can detect and capture unexplained phenomena even under extreme low light conditions.

Using the Aurora to enhance investigations, ghost hunters can detect anomalies and paranormal activity with high quality photos and video during the day or night, even inside or outside. With an IOS and Android compatible app, investigators can set up and record remotely, and use true color night vision to capture authentic footage that will turn even the most cynical skeptic into a believer in the paranormal.

Perceive hidden items and nuances, pronounce and shed light on shadowy forms, capture the weird, the scary, the eerie, and the uncanny. Turn amateurs and pros into the most intrepid of paranormal investigators with Aurora by SiOynx!

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