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Into the Wild with Aurora

Our planet abounds with beasts, birds, and creatures to delight the senses and appetite. You like to explore the ends of the earth for hunting, research, or simply to experience the wonder of spotting an exotic or endangered species in the wild. Day or night, the Aurora from SiOnyx can bring you closer to the game.


bow_origWhether it is hogs or deer, many animals forage during the dark, making it prime hunting time. Don’t let nightfall cut the hunt short. Used as a camera, a way-finding device, or attached as a weapon scope, Aurora’s superb low light and sensing capabilities allow hunters to stalk and track in both pre-dawn and post-dusk hours without spooking prey.


birb2_origPrior to the 19th century, bird-watching was typically accomplished with a gun, and unfamiliar species were identified only after the corpse rested in the birder’s hand. While binoculars took birding into the 20th century, the Aurora has propelled it into the 21st. Compact and lightweight, the Aurora’s high-definition color and 3X zoom capabilities capture every detail of our winged- friends during the day. With incredible night vision imaging, birders now have the ability to capture nocturnal sightings as well.

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