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Water Wonders Unveiled with Aurora

There’s nothing like being on or in the open water—the spray in your hair, the wind in your face, the water life delighting your eyes. Unfortunately, water enthusiasts who want to capture the action are often inhibited by camera equipment that is not conducive to the elements or the time of day. Enter the Aurora by SiOnyx.


boat_origBoating rules differ from road rules, and water makes it difficult to perceive depths and other obstacles, particularly at night. Whether it’s a simple boating excursion or sailors manning the rails of one deck in a fleet, piloting waterways can be particularly challenging. The water-resistant Aurora was constructed for coastal environmental conditions, providing true night vision to enhance navigation and fleet management capabilities at any hour. With mounting, GPS, and remote capabilities, Aurora allows sailors and captains alike to keep track of fleets and water traffic, even from below deck.


fish_origThere’s an old saying: there are two types of fisherman—those who fish for sport and those who fish for fish. Regardless, for perspicacious piscatorial pursuers, there’s nothing quite like bringing home that big catch (or the small one if it’s all that was biting). But what if you could bring home pics of the one that got away? The waterproof, wearable and mountable Aurora captures high-quality color photos during the day and delivers true night vision for fishing expeditions that continue past sundown.

Snorkeling & Beachcombing

beach_origYou’re on an island, water lapping over your feet. Do you take the dive or roam the shores? Either way, the Aurora has you covered. While the Aurora provides both high-quality daytime color and night vision imaging, its IP67 rating means it has complete protection from dust ingress on land, and immersion resistance up to three feet in the water, translating to beautiful photos and recordings of shore- and sea-life alike.

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