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Adventure in the palm of your hands with Aurora

Adventure seekers thirst for exciting, bold, and novel experiences characterized by unknown dangers and risks. When these hazard-loving risk takers take to the air, the mountains, or the water, they want to share their experiences. The Aurora by SiOnyx allows pathfinders and adrenaline junkies to record, review, and share their love of adventure with audiences far and wide via Aurora Live Stream.


bike_origWhether motorized or pedal driven, off-road or on-road, gravel or mountain, adventure biking is a quest for the crazy. Hit the dirt or pavement with the Aurora from SiOnyx! Mountable Aurora offers affordable access to action through advanced technology to capture every hair-raising, dust-eating, action-packed moment.


hike_origThink scenic vistas, luscious flora and fauna, or sightings of wildlife in their native habitat—avid hikers come across many wonders when they’re on the footpath. Hiking is also fraught with peril. With the capability to take compass bearings and navigate waypoints, the Aurora can safely guide hikers in and out of the wilderness.

Rock Climbing

climb_origWhen hanging from the face of a cliff, rock climbers drink in views landbound humans will never see. Yet, with the gear and body weight concerns intrinsic to the sport, bulky, heavy cameras are often neglected in favor of more necessary gear. Fortunately, the Aurora’s compact, lightweight size—under 8 oz.—and wearable mounting and remote capabilities allows rock- jocks to belay and rappel while snapping photos from dizzying heights.

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