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  • August 22, 2018
  • News
​Action cameras are designed to capture action anywhere — but what if that action is happening in the dark? What if action cameras were equipped with night vision? That is the idea behind the Sionyx Aurora, a camera that can shoot day or night thanks to an ultra-low-light sensor and night vision. After originally launching with a Kickstarter earlier this year, the company says the camera will be available in August, without the crowd-funded risk, from the company’s website.
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SiOnyx’s Aurora is a Game-Changer for Cameras in the Mining Industry

​It seems that every ten years or so, the international community is spellbound by a tragic story of people trapped deep beneath the earth’s surface. Just weeks ago, the rescue of a Thai soccer team from a complex cave system dominated headlines. 2010 saw over 30 Chilean miners trapped for more than two months. Both stories served as serious reminders of the dangers miners and other subterranean workers face every day. For that industry, equipment is everything in a hostile, alien environment. The recent release of SiOnyx’s Aurora offers a new, powerful tool for those workers in the form of the world’s first day/night camera with true night vision.
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SiOnyx Aurora is an Action Camera that ‘Turns Night Into Full-Color Daylight’

  • August 17, 2018
  • News
SiOnyx Aurora is a new action camera that claims to be the world’s first day/night camera for consumers. It’s ultra-light sensitive, allowing you to shoot full-color images in low-light conditions. The Aurora is “the only HD action video camera with true day and night color imaging,” SiOnyx says, noting that it has received over 40 patents related to the camera. SiOnyx was founded back in 2006 by Professor Eric Mazur and Dr. James Carey of Harvard University.
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Watch: This is the first night-vision camera for consumers

  • August 15, 2018
  • News
​SiOnyx, an infrared imaging company unveiled the world's first consumer night vision camera. "We're really excited about it. We're hoping it will deliver to the world a capability that no one has seen yet— the ability to see at night," says SiOnyx's principal scientist and co-founder, James Carey.
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The Aurora Night Vision Camera by SiOnyx lets you see bright & vivid color even when it’s dark

  • August 8, 2018
  • News
​If you ever take photos at night, you know how much of a negative impact the darkness can have on the quality of your photos. The end result produces a lot of noise, less of the environment is visible, and to top it all off, in many cases the camera flash turns on and ends up making photos look even more unrealistic. A new company called SiOnyx aims to change all of that with its new Aurora Night Vision Camera.
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SiOnyx Aurora action camera turns night into day

  • August 3, 2018
  • News
Cameras can do a lot of magic, especially when you’re talking about smartphone cameras. Mobile cameras, on the other hand, are pretty limited in where you can take them. And while action cameras like the GoPro are more rugged, they have even more limitations in what they can do, especially once the sun has set. Enter the SiOnyx Aurora, a one of a kind consumer action camera that has the uncanny ability to bring light even in the darkest of nights.
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Sionyx Night Vision Camera at Outdoor Retailer

  • August 1, 2018
  • News
If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to use the phrase “It’s like a PVS-14 and a GoPro had a baby that wasn’t color blind,” then today is your chance. The Sionyx Aurora Night Vision Camera, the “possibly coming-soon” darling of Kickstarter pre-orders, goes up for real-world sale this week. RECOIL was one of the first outlets to get some hands-on with the device, and it’s impressive.
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